Kate (slayerkate) wrote,

I'm reading Changes right now, and I just finished chapter thirty-one.

I could deal with them destroying Harry's office, his car, and his house.

But then they killed Butters.

I'm a little too afraid to keep reading. I had to stop because I was crying.

I need an opinion from my f-list. What's the difference, in your opinion, between a "real" gift and something a little more... I guess the word I'm looking for is trivial? 
In the past, I've been somewhat critical of receiving gifts that were a) obviously from the clearance shelves at Walmart and b) not something I really wanted. (My mom got me gardenia scented bubble bath in 2007. I was five months' pregnant.) 
Even though I'm doing homemade gifts, I feel it would be rude to make a blanket for one relative and give another one a container of lip gloss. Lip gloss takes three minutes to make. Considering I haven't worked on either of the blankets I'm currently doing for the last couple of days, I'm going to guess that it'll be a month before I finish either of those.
I'm feeling twelve kinds of conflicted already.

Tags: christmas 2010, the dresden files
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