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09 July 2010 @ 01:33 am
I know I haven't been on here much lately. My computer went haywire on me, so I've been using Joe's, and it seems kind of weird to be going to all of my usual sites on his computer.

I'm quirky, you all know this.

I'm going to Florida this weekend, but we're bringing both laptops with us, and I'm hoping mine will be fixed. We had planned on a longer visit, but we've decided that if we want to get a house, now is the perfect opportunity to meet with a realtor. I've been looking at everything within a half-mile radius of the school Linus will be attending when he's old enough, and there's a lot to choose from. I'm just so tired of this cramped space we're in. I don't know how I've lasted two years here.

I'm actually sort of looking forward to Hellcats this fall.

I just wish that some people would give up on making a Buffy movie without Joss' involvement. I heard that Vanessa Hudgens turned down a role in it. Good for her, but this means they're pulling from the Disney lot. If they cast Miley as Buffy, my worst fears will have been made official, and I've decided this means that the apocalypse is truly upon us.
Heh. I can think what I want, okay? It's being released in 2012.
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Kateslayerkate on July 12th, 2010 12:16 pm (UTC)
I had a scare yesterday for a little while, because there was a thing mentioned on a radio station about the top five greatest tv characters, and Buffy Summers was listed as one of them. But the dj said there were three, so I thought they had announced the newest actress to play her, and I didn't have access to the internet at the time. She was wrong, so that was good. I feel like Buffy truly is iconic, and the only women that should be 'allowed' to play her are Sarah and Kristy. Anybody else would be facing a LOT of criticism for trying to fix what was never, ever broken.