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10 June 2010 @ 06:07 pm
Two days to go. 


So is my sister, so at least it isn't just me. Neither of us can figure out what to wear. I mean, I know I'm going for casual and comfy here, because we'll be walking around all day and everything. But my clothes all suck. 

I need to dye my hair. 

Also, I've got about six different purses and the only one that's big enough to carry an umbrella in... it's got Tinkerbell on it. I like Tink, okay? But I'm turning 29 on Sunday. Do I really want to carry a Tinkerbell purse? 

It's not even that it's Kyle Gallner. It's that this is a person I'm hoping to have an opportunity to talk to without them thinking I'm a massive dorkosaurus. I panic like this often, which you guys probably already know (I, however, am in denial about it LOL). 

Tomorrow, I have to go get Joe's check and take it to the bank, then go shopping. We're leaving tomorrow night to go hang out with my sister, and then early on Saturday morning, I'm going to the film festival with Emily. 
(Deleted comment)
Kateslayerkate on June 11th, 2010 10:37 pm (UTC)
In about 27 hours, I'm going to see Kyle in person!